South Bali

South Bali


South Bali is without doubt the most popular destination of Bali for tourists from all over the world.

Denpasar is the main town of South Bali and is also the capital of Bali. The international airport of Bali, Ngurah Rai is located close to Denpasar and is the main entrance port of Bali. South Bali MapThe most interesting places to visit in South Bali are the town of Denpasar, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, Sanur, Tanah Lot, Jimbaran, the Ulu Watu temple, Nusa Dua, Mengwi, Tabanan. Other popular destinations, such as Ubud, Kintamani and Benoa, are within easy reach. Also interesting are the three islands off the coast of Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida, all of which can be reached by boat from Sanur.


The South of Bali is the most popular destination for tourists from all over the world but especially for the Australians and Japanese.

Denpasar is the largest town of Bali and is the capital of the island. The city is a mix of many cultures and has many interesting places to visit. There are many hotels and good national and international restaurants. It has a good choice of temples, palaces and museums. For shoppers there are several big shopping malls.

Ngurah Rai is the international airport of Bali, close to Denpasar and Kuta. It is the main entrance port of Bali and from here thousands of tourist travel all over the island.

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Kuta Beach is the most popular destination in South Bali for surfers and those who love hanging out on the beach. Kuta has a bustling nightlife with many disco’s and numerous restaurants of all cuisines. Of course there are hotels in all classes to be found in Kuta.

Streets of Kuta

Streets of Kuta

Legian Beach is located just north of Kuta and is the second popular beach of the area. On Saturday and Sunday evenings, the beach front is packed with tourists, expats, locals and motorbikes. Often there are jam sessions on the beach and you’ll be more than welcome to join in. Almost every afternoon (around 5 p.m.) beach football is played in front of ‘De ja vu’ on Blue Ocean Beach. Visitors are normally welcomed to join in. Or just sit with a cocktail at one of the many beach front cafes and watch the sunset.

Jimbaran Beach is located at the narrow isthmus that connects the island with the peninsula ‘The Bukit, just south of the airport and Kuta. It is mainly popular for its grilled seafish restaurant on the beach with great sunsets, and the secluded luxury five star villas and resorts that can be found in the hilly surroundings of the beach. Jimbaran Bay has white sandy beaches and the sea is in general considered very safe for swimming.


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Ulu Watu is a popular destination in South Bali for surfers. It is located at the peninsula “The Bukit’ at about 30 minutes by car from Kuta. Situated at a cliff with stunning views is the Ulu Watu temple which is inhabited by a colony of monkeys. There are some great beaches on the Bukit, such as Balangan Beach. The main villages of The Bukit are Pecatu and Ungasan. Sanur is located at the southeast coast of Bali, just east of Denpasar and at about 20 minutes by car from the airport. Sanur has accommodation in all price classes and has numerous restaurants with national and international cuisines. Sanur is more quiet than Kuta and is certainly more relaxed, especially popular to elder people and middle aged families.



Mengwi is located north of Kuta at about 45 minutes by car. Certainly worth seing is the beautiful watergarden temple Pura Taman Ayun. Taman Ayun literally translates as “beautiful garden’ and is generally regarded as one of the most attractive temples of Bali. Taman Ayun is situated in a beautiful park with trees and ponds, near the village of Mengwi in South Bali at about 8 km southwest of Ubud and 18 km northwest of Denpasar.

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