West Bali

West Bali

Introduction to West Bali

Map of West BaliWest Bali consists mainly of the district of Jembrana. In this part of Bali are some interesting places to visit.

The main town of the Jembrana district is Negara. In the far west is the harbor town of Gilimanuk where also the ferry to Java departs.

The most interesting places to visit in West Bali are the Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan island, Negara Pura Rambut Siwi and Pura Gede Purancak. There are also some very popular surf spots in the west of Bali, like Medewi Beach.

West Bali can easily be reached from the South of Bali (Kuta/Sanur) via south-west route, with an average travel time of 3 hour by car, depending on the amount of traffic on the road.
West Bali Nature

Places of interest in West Bali

The most western district of Bali, Jembrana, probably is the less known part of Bali. It is mainly interesting for its nature of the national reserve, the Bali Barat Park, some good surfing spots and a number of interesting temples.

Gilimanuk can be found rather isolated from the rest of Bali, in the utmost west of the island. Gilimanuk is a harbor town where one can take the ferry to Java. A dozen of ferries connect Bali with Java, about every 10 minutes a ferry will arrive or depart here. Gilimanuk has some very beautiful coral beaches with white as well as black sand, and interesting mangrove forests.

Negara is most known for its buffalo races, which are held every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 7 am, at about 9 km east of Negara town in the village of Delod Berawah. In the area of Loloan Timur one can admire many Bugis style houses.

Pangambengan and Perancak both are fisherman villages located ca. 7 km southwest of the town of Negara. At the shores of the river outlet one can admire many colorful Madurai style fishing boats.

West Bali Perancak

Bali Barat National Park is the most popular destination for tourists who visit West Bali. The Bali Barat National Park is mountainous and consists of primary monsoon forest, mangrove forest, lowland rain forest, savanna, sea grass vegetation types, coral reefs , sandy beaches, and both shallow and deep sea waters. The park was founded in 1941 and its main aim was to protect the Bali Starling and the last of the wild banteng, from which most of the Balinese cattle descend.

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Menjangan Island is an island just off the coast of West Bali. It actually belongs to the Bali Barat National Park and is surrounded by hectares of excellent coral reef. The island, a favorite destination for both snorkelers and divers, is situated in the protected marine reserve of the Bali Barat National Park and has a very diverse eco biology.

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Rambut Siwi Temple is located halfway the village of Negara and Medewi beach. It sits on a cliff with stunning views over rice fields and the coastal area. There are also two caves that overlook the sea.

Medewi Beach

Medewi beach is a popular destination for surfers. There are several hotels and good restaurants in the area with nice views on the surf, an ideal place to relax. This area of West Bali still breaths the atmosphere of the 1970s.

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