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History of Wonderful Bali.

1999 – In September Wonderful Bali started publishing Bali holiday pictures on a free of costs sub domain offered at the time by Tripod/Lycos.

2000 – In March of this year we switched to our own and still current domain, wonderfulbali.com.

Very soon after its ‘official’ start in March 2000 Wonderful Bali managed to achieve and consolidate first page rankings in Google for people who were searching for Bali pictures. This inspired us to keep publishing and at the same time it motivated us to continuously try to improve the user experience of Wonderful Bali.\r\n\r\nAfter several years we also started to publish Bali articles presenting insider information and pictures of the people, nature, culture and ceremonies of Bali, followed by the production and publishing of detailed, home made Bali maps.

2015 – In April of this year we completely redesigned Wonderful Bali, making it fit for all possible devices using the awesome responsive design techniques of the Voice WordPress theme.

2017 – In January of this year we switched to SSL to achieve secure connections. All pages are secure now and are preceded by https:// with  a lock icon indicating that the page you are visiting is secure.

Our Mission

It is our mission to spread and increase knowledge and love for Bali.

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Wonderful Bali team,

January 2017