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Bali Sunsets

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Bali pictures | Bali maps | Bali articles – edition 2015 – Traditional north Bali Lovina – Wonderful Bali in pictures! since 1999

Welcome to Wonderful Bali, a Bali site with great Bali pictures, Bali maps and Bali photo articles.

WONDERFUL BALI ALBUMS presents you quality Bali photos since 1999. The Bali pictures albums are all in the form of a Bali image gallery with typical traditional and modern bali pictures covering topics such as:

Album 01: Bali airport
pictures of the international airport of Bali Ngurah Rai DPS Denpasar.

Album 02: Bali girls
images of Balinese girls you may meet at the markets of Bali, in the villages of Bali, the beaches of Bali, etc.

Album 03: Bali wildlife
photos of animals of Bali, typical Bali animals such as the alu, njungah, frog, tokeh, snake and spider.

Album 04: Bali people
images of everyday people of Bali – faces of Bali.

Album 05: Bali dance
pictures of traditional culture and religious dance of Bali.

Album 06: Bali food
photos of traditional Balinese dishes, the food of Bali.

Album 07: Old Bali photos
Showing you old photos of Bali of Balinese kings and people of Bali in the period 1920-1960, taken in Kuta, Sanur, and Singaraja.

Album 08: Bali priests
pictures of Balinese priests and the balian (sjaman – natural healers of Bali), pemangku lay priests, and pedanda high priests of Bali.

Album 09: Bali Sunsets
A set of beautiful Bali sunset images, taken at the beaches of Bali and from several hillside locations.

Album 10: Bali Jungle trek
photos of the amazingly beautiful nature of Bali with jungle trekking and rice field pictures, coffee and spices plantation pictures, waterfall pictures and so on, taken in the Sawan area near Lemukih village in North Bali.

Album 12: Bali Diving pictures
Showing you images of the wonderful underwater world of Bali, taken at the most beautiful diving spots of Bali.

About the North Bali Lovina Beach area

The North Bali Lovina area is mainly characterized by its rural nature of fishing, farming, rice fields, plantations, mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls – a true Bali paradise for culture, nature and meditation lovers, and for photographers it will certainly be a true paradise to take the most wonderful Bali pictures, because the unspoiled nature of the North Bali Lovina area forms an excellent decor for the most beautiful Bali pictures you can think of. Explore our Wonderful Bali pictures section and discover that the north Bali Lovina area has many, unexpected panoramas to offer with spectacular, breathtaking views.

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Have fun discovering the traditional Bali with Wonderful Bali pictures, maps and articles!

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