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North Bali Map | Map of North Bali

North Bali MapThis North Bali map shows you the most important places of interest to see in North Bali.

Singaraja, the former colonial capital of Bali is located at a central position of the north coast, close to Lovina Beach. Singaraja still has many colonial buildings. Also there is the Royal Palace of Buleleng, which can be visited. Meet and talk with the descendants of the former Kings of Buleleng here.

More to the west of the north coast are Air Sanih with its natural cold springs, Sangsit which is famous for its bull races and Sembiran, a traditional Bali village.

East of Singaraja and Lovina one can find Banjar with its hot springs and the Buddhist monastery Vihara, where one can see a replica of the famous Buddhist Borobodur temple of Java.

In the mountains that separate North Bali from Central Bali one can find the twin lakes Tambligan and Buyan. A little more to the east are lake Beratan and the mountain village of Bedugul. Travelling back from there to Singaraja one passes Gitgit which is famous for its waterfalls.

In the backland of Singaraja is Jagaraga which is famous for its temple with extraordinary stone carvings. In the area of Jagaraga are also many traditional gamelan gong instrument factories.

Close to Jagaraga ub the Sawan area lies Lemukih which is well known for its hugh waterfalls in the midst of the rain forest.

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