Kajeng Kliwon

Kajeng Keliwon

Hari Raya Kajeng Kliwon

Kajeng Kliwon (Kajeng Keliwon) is a reoccurring auspicious day for cleansing the mind and the direct environment of the house compound of negativity. At this day the Balinese Hindus meditate and pray to Siwa for support and protection with special offerings.

Ceremonies of Kajeng Kliwon

The intended cleansing of the mind starts with a special ceremony called metirtha gocara which is performed with a canang offering and wangi-wangian, sweet smelling incense and flowers at the sangga of the family temple and the plankiran (wall temple) of the bedroom.

Offerings of Kajeng Kliwon

After the metirtha gocara ceremony one offers,

    • a canang reresik wangi-wangian, offered to Siwa, which is placed in the special offering space of the sanggah shrine of the family house compound temple.
    • a canang burat wangi and a canang yasa, both offered to Ida Sang Hyang Durgha Dewi, which are placed at a high position near the entrance gate of the house compound.

Next one places three segehan offerings at low positions (the gound),

  • before the sanggah/pemerajan shrine of the house temple as an offering to Sang Bhuta Bucara.
  • at the house itself, as an offering to Sang Kala Bucari.
  • at the threshold of the entrance gate of the house compound, as an offering to Sang Durgha Bucari.

Each segehan offering consists of two small portions of rice in five colors (white, red, black, yellow and brown), some garlic, and arak, tuak, and brem.

With the offering of these segehan one asks the Sang Tiga Bucari  at Kajeng Kliwon not to disturb the household and its members, one prays for the safety of the house compound and for the well being and happiness in life for the individual family members who live there.

Next and last one prays to the gods (Dewa Bhatara) and in particular to Ida Sang Hyang Widi for the safety and well being of the world and all creatures that inhabit it.

Kajeng Kliwon celebration dates

Kajeng Kliwon occurs every 15 days when the day ‘Kajeng’ of the 3-day week (Triwara) of the Balinese Pawukon calendar system coincidences with the day ‘Keliwon’ of the 5-day week (Pancaware).

Once every 210 days, there is a special Kajeng Kliwon day called Kajeng Kliwon Pemelastali or Watugunung Runtuh.

Kajeng Kliwon

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